Your mental health is your wealth…

Happy bank holiday weekend folks! 

I for one could not be more excited at the fact that it’s officially summer on Monday morning. I finish up my third Med exams in three weeks time & I’m more than ready for a summer full of travel & adventures. 

Last night I was honoured to attend the sports mind 2017 event, organised by the amazing Aoife Keane from AK events. The night was aimed at promoting positive mental health while tying in the theme of sports, fitness & positive body image. I really value the age old saying “your health is your wealth”, because I know it to be uttetly true. You could be the most affluent, successful, privileged person in this world.. but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Health, for me anyway, encompasses so many things including mind, body, spirit and soul. All of these must be in harmony to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

I felt quite inspired by the speakers last night opening up about their own experiences & success in the sporting & fitness field, including highs and lows of their career. There was much discussion around depression, anxiety, addiction and body dysmorphic syndrome. In the last two years or so, I feel social media has become obsessed with this idea of the perfect body #Fitspo, people posting before and after photos, gruelling workout routines, horrendously rigid diets etc. Exercise & clean eating is most definitely a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle but when does this drive for perfection become obsessive & detrimental to people’s mental health? 

It was incredibly moving to hear so many successful people from the industry speak about their own individual experiences, including the amazing Anna Geary who gave an empowering and uplifting speech about the importance of positive mental attitude in all aspects of life, growing from your failures and surrounding yourself with the right people. So many nuggets of wisdom really struck a cord with me, Anna spoke about nipping things in the bud by talking to somebody if you are struggling, before they spiral of control and swallow you up. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself & people who inspire you to be your best version “you can be an energy drain or an energy train”. My mum always says, there are two types of people in this world “warm radiators and energy vampires” which one are you?. We all give radiate vibes, make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and want to see you succeed in life. 

When I was in transition year , I did work experience in beaumont A and E, it was then that something ignited inside of me & I knew with all my heart I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I rang my “friend” at the time and told her I was going to try and get the points to study medicine in my leaving cert. She laughed. She told me “only really intelligent people get medicine, don’t you think that’s a bit far fetched for you” . After much time, thought & advice, I managed to cut this toxic person out of my life. I now choose to only surround myself with people who are empowering, uplifting & support me in all my aspirations. 

Your mental health is a fragile, delicate & vulnerable thing that needs daily kindness and attention. If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, talk to somebody. Often the words “I’m not okay, I need help” are terrifying because they expose our vulnerability, but you do not have to suffer in silence. None of us are alone in the world, there is always somebody to talk to. Always a way, And always someone that cares. 

Le Grá, 



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