Food for the soul & Vedo Uimhir a Dó

Well hello folks… 

I hope everybody has had a wonderful week. First of all, from the bottom of mo chroí I have to say thank you SO much for the overwhelming response to the blog last week, “Now U C me”. I was overcome with the outpouring of love & support. So many of your messages & comments moved me to tears. I felt so comforted & relieved to hear of so many similar circumstances & struggles of people, with inspiringly positive outcomes. It really hit home, we are never truly alone in life. And although we all have our own paths to walk , sometimes a lot of people are walking alongside us without our knowledge. 

Having said that I was so grateful & interested by all the tips, tricks & advice that came my way. One thing that kept popping up was diet. Now, I’m a self-confessed carbaholic & commit carbocide regularly so you can imagine my distress to find so many people raving about the “specific” carbohydrate diet for management of UC. And by “specific” it basically means no bread, rice, grains, potatoes, pasta etc or…dum dum dum..PIZZA. Now, Pizza is my go to comfort/treat yourself Friday food. It’s like cheesy, gooey, yummy goodness that comes from a heavenily & divine source (9/10 times it’s dominos)

Am I never going to let a slice of pepperoni passion pass my lips again.? Hell to the no. All things considered , I really want to give myself every fighting chance to get back to tip top condition so on Monday , I embarked on the specific carbohydrate plan. Everything I read up on this week about diet & UC emphasises clean eating packed with lots of protein, fresh fruit & veg. I fully believe “healing” encompasses a healthy body , mind , spirit & soul. That starts with what we are putting into our bodies & fueling ourselves with daily. 

Day 5 of the eating plan today, & suprisingly I haven’t found it too difficult (I may be pulling my hair out this day next week mind you). There are so many different alternatives & substitutes plus you genuinely feel better generally when you are feeding your soul with healthy, nutritious meals. I am focusing on nourishing my body to give it every chance to heal, recover & thrive. Below I’ve included some pictures of different meals over the past week. **No beige food alert. Plenty of colour & variety. I have to commend every food blogger for making their meals look asthetically pleasing. I also got a lot of “shtick” off the family for turning into one those people who now takes pictures of their food. 

Today I also received my 2nd infusion of Vedoluzimab. I was less anxious going into the hospital & in much higher spirits then the last time. I have been mostly well over these past two weeks (bar one or two hiccups) & the difference in my energy levels has been absolutely profound… I’m on the right track. I’m wondering how I carried on for weeks feeling the way I did. They say it takes about 10 weeks for the full effect of vedoluzimab to kick in, so I’m patiently waiting for the miraculous results. 

This week marks my reading week from college & it’s been great to actually have time to catch my breath while attempting to catch up on all I’ve missed. I’ve heard from numerous reputable sources that emotional stress has the highest weighing on precipitating a UC flare. This comes as no shock as stress affects us all differently & can be more toxic than anything to our wellbeing. As with anything really, it’s all about learning to cope & properly manage all the things that life throws at us. I have just completed a six week yoga course in the hospital I’m placed in for college, & in a couple of weeks I’m taking up an 8 week course. I’m going to delve into mindfulness too & educate myself about different types of stress management & reduction. So many different factors contribute to our health & wellbeing, it’s all about finding a balance. Something which I am actively seeking & working on. 

**Final shout out (then the rambling will end) to my RCSI classmate , 2016 Rose Escort & most importantly friend Martin who finished an exam today & 15 minutes later was sitting beside me drinking tea & having a good aul giggle during my infusion. 

Wishing everybody a fabulous, safe & happy long weekend. 

Le Grà



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